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Welcome to WQBR Cable Channel 10, where we're taking back the radio!
We are Eastern Michigan University's very own student run radio station. Take a browse around our site and tell us what you think of it. Check out some photos and meet the dj's on the photo page. Look at what is being played on WQBR on the CMJ Top 30. Check out our favorite links and don't miss out on our sponsors page. You'll find it all here at WQBR.

Hi everybody- Well, the winter semester is just about ending here at EMU, and along with it some changes at qbr. We are now off the air for the spring/summer, and will return in late August bigger and better. We'd like to thank everybody who has supported us as a station, and in our quest of an FM transmitter. Matt Tobey and the rest of the directorial staff will be working tirelessly over the summer to make Fall the best semester ever!

On a personal note, I have submitted my resignation as Music Director for WQBR. To any bands, reps, staff members and listeners - I thank you for making my job both challenging and fun. Brad has been doing a great job and will continue on as music director until he turns things over to Brian and Darrick sometime next fall. I love this station, and I hope it will continue to be what I've always strived for it to be- a place to share new music with the campus of Eastern Michigan University, showcase local bands (they need our support!), and to give a voice to the students of Eastern Michigan University. It's been a great three years, I hope the place has a wonderful 30+ more! Love, Kelly Bradley- former MD-WQBR

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Meet the Staff of WQBR
Student Advisor: Matt Hanson
General Manager: Matt Tobey
Music Directors: Kelly Bradley
Brad Torreano
Traffic and Sales: Angela Hooper
Promotions Director: Randy Spencer
Art Director: Joe Davis
Internet and Web Design: Brentt Brunner
News Director: Jamie Lynn Gilbert
Events Director: Brian Matthews

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