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Take Back the Radio
Here at WQBR, we don't play the same songs over and over. We're about new music, and that's what we give to you - our listeners. On a typical day at WQBR you can hear everything from hip-hop to ska to indie rock to folk. You name it, we probably play it - or something close to it. That's why we're trying to "Take Back the Radio" - because we're just as sick as you are of hearing the same bands over and over with no variety. We also strongly support local music, so if you've got a cd or lp, give us a call - and ask for Kelly or Brad.734.487.2228 And hey, thanks for showing some interest - we really appreciate it!

"Take Back the Radio" - Jimmy Eat World

Our address:
129 Quirk
Ypsilanti, MI 48197